Commissioning services

Commissioning engineer ensure that all aspects of a new or retrofitted water treatment project are properly designed, installed, tested and maintained. A well performed commissioning is the key to a smooth hand-over to the final user.
Main commissioning activities are:
-Diagnostic and troubleshooting equipment
-Scheduling and coordinating work to tight deadlines
-Validate the best chemicals dosages or biological operating setpoints
-Train and support operating personnel on the new parameters
-Final commissioning report

Performance testing

Performance testing is the key activity to confirm the performance of the system and a crucial milestone in the overall project.
The main activities during a performance testing are:
-Preparation of testing protocol
-Validation of protocole and schedule with stakeholder
-Coordination and process support during the testing period
-Laboratory analyses validation
-Final performance testing report

Process audit and optimization

A process specialist will ensure that the equipment is operated as required and validate the process setpoints as well as maintenance schedule. Changes in process or instruments can results in chemicals and power savings, better operating costs and optimization of the water treatment equipment.


An optimal operation is ensured by qualified and well-trained operators.
I offer the following training courses:
Classroom training Hands-on training Refresh courses New technologies/processes courses


Drinking water and wastewater plants, reuse processes


Effluent treatment and reuse


Metals and TSS removal, ammonia and pollutants biological treatment

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